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Holos, a team with passion to create holistic journeys to places in the world where ancient shamanic wisdom still survive.

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Winter shamanism on Lake Baikal

From February 20 to 29 2020
A trip to the land that gave birth to shamanism and the beginnings of spiritual and medicinal activity. Lake Baikal, the cradle of shamans in the south of Siberia, is located almost in the center of Asia.

Conscious sexuality

From November 29 to December 2, 2019
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We have inherited from our ancestors and shamans. Some valuable tools to apply in daily life, magic and sacred exercises, which help us to have a healthier and more holistic life.
Method of psychocorporal self-exploration therapy created by the psychiatrist Stanislav Grof founder of Transpersonal Psychology. It is an experience of consciousness without limits.
An 18-day trip-seminar in which we offer you a very deep experiential work, focused on expanded states of consciousness, to immerse ourselves in the heart of Mexican civilization
An intense and meaningful exploration for overcoming and dissolving the splits and separations that prevent us from being One. After the workshop we will start a trip in the Republic of Buryatia