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Holos, a team with passion to create holistic journeys to places in the world where ancient shamanic wisdom still survive.

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Journey of connection with our essence with spaces in which we can heal our wounds integrating the experiences in the silence of the desert.
Method of psychocorporal self-exploration therapy created by the psychiatrist Stanislav Grof founder of Transpersonal Psychology. It is an experience of consciousness without limits.
A trip to places where a unique Route legend was carved. Mosques, sanctuaries, sacred mulberry trees, dream spice markets.
Withdrawal of inquiry in the different dimensions of sexual experience and intimate relationships, such as the body, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual.
An 18-day trip-seminar in which we offer you a very deep experiential work, focused on expanded states of consciousness, to immerse ourselves in the heart of Mexican civilization

Voyage Transpersonnel au Mexique Chamanique

Du samedi 25 juillet au mardi 11 août 2020.
Nous vous invitons à plonger dans un univers illimité qui se trouve au cœur de vous-même. Un travail expérientiel très profond, au cœur de la civilisation mexicaine.

The Healing Field, Marruecos

from October 22 to November 1, 2020
Module 4 – Shamanic Activation / Working with Heart, Emotions , and States of Mind. Kashba Hotel Tombouctou. Too see the full content please download.
A trip to the earth that gave birth to shamanism and the principles of an activity, spiritual and medicinal. Lake Baikal, cradle of shamans located south of Siberia, is located almost in central Asia.