Knowledge expedition

Magda Sole and Jaume Mestres

departure date

From May 7 to 18, 2019

General tour

Volga the longest and mightiest river in Europe, born in the hills of Valdai between Moscow and St. Petersburg and flows into the Caspian Sea. Deceptions and joys, moments of humanity in which there were possibilities to advance but that did not prosper for some reasons. Psychology, history, anthropology, spirituality, politics, philosophy.

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We invite you to visit Russia by sailing on one of the largest river cruises in Europe. Through rivers Volga, Svir and Neva, its channels, and the magnificent lakes Onega and Ladoga; we will observe shy smiles from a worthy and suffering people, together with beautiful places that make up the face of this country, still enigmatic today; Medieval cities that treasure the richness of Russian Orthodox culture; a green and exuberant nature that produces admiration and amazement, spectacular sunsets that stain intense melancholy colors on the horizon of their lands.

An intense trip, with talks and daily knowledge workshops

“Because we believe that human beings have a future”