From July 18th to 28th, 2019


A journey, which involves simultaneous outward and inward voyages: to the
ancient civilizations of Mexico and to the inner depths of one’s own psyche.
This journey combines one part in the Veracruz rainforest and another one in the Sierra Madre and the Oaxaca valley.

Organized by: Magda Solé and Jaume Mestres, both experts on shamanism.

From July 18th to 28th, 2019


Veracruz – Catemaco – La Sierra Mazateca – Oaxaca


July 18

July 19

July 20

July 21

July 22

July 23

July 24

July 25

July 26

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July 28



Veracruz – Rancho Los Amigos

Rancho los Amigos


Catemaco – The Sierra Mazateca

The Sierra Mazateca

The Sierra Mazateca – Oaxaca






Welcome Ritual

Clean of the “three waters”

Heart meditation

Temazcal Ceremony

Cleans of the Basil

Shamanic Ceremony

Trip in the desert

Offering in Sto. Sunday

Trip Tree

Closing Ritual

The trip is organized into four parts or itineraries, starting in Veracruz and ending in Oaxaca:

The Gulf Sea: It begins in the colonial city of Veracruz, a melting pot of overseas beliefs.

The Rainforest: We will let ourselves be embraced by the depth of the jungle and the immensity of Lake Catemaco located in the region of the Tuxtlas, of great shamanic tradition where we will perform ancestral rituals.

The Sierra Madre: We will share indigenous wisdom in the Sierra Mazateca.

The Central Valley: In the valley, we will discover the colonial city of Oaxaca.

DAY 1: July 18: Introduction meeting with the group in Veracruz. Program

DAY 2: July 19: Journey to Montepio village to have a limpia (cleansing and
purifying the energetic body) with the “three water’s ritual” see, river and
lagoon water’s to be ready for the beginning of the journey. Night in a “Rancho”
in a lagoon nestled in the midst of the mountains with abundant tropical
vegetation. Forest Shamanic ritual.

DAY 3: July 20: We will stay all day in the “Rancho” sharing previous
experiences and enjoying that unique place.

DAY 4: July 21: From the “Rancho” we will go to Sontecomoapan and then
to Nanciyaga Ecological Reserve to experience a Temazcal ceremony, an ancient
purification ritual that occurs within a sweat lodge accompanied by healing
prayers and the veneration of Mother Earth. Night in wooden cabins just at the
shore of the lake.

DAY 5: July 22: Trip by bus to the Sierra Mazateca, to ascend to the
great Sierra Madre. Arrival and accommodation in the shaman guest house.

DAY 6: July 23: We will join the Mazatec indigenous people who inhabit in the
area and will participate in several ceremonies and rituals during our stay in this
magical place. Night in the shaman guest house.

DAY 7: July 24: Travel through gorgeous landscapes (mountains, forests,
waterfalls, deserts…) where the cactus of the desert area are crossed by the Santo
Domingo and Río Grande Rivers, to Oaxaca. Night in a Hotel.

DAY 8: July 25: Enjoying the wonderful and colonial Oaxaca City. Free time to
visit the city with its exquisite churches, the beautiful museum and convent with
old cloisters, handcraft shops and markets, galleries, etc. Night in a Hotel

DAY 9: July 26: Pilgrimage to the archeological site of Monte Alban and to the
town of Santa María del Tule where is one of the oldest trees in the entire
American continent. Night in a Hotel.

DAY 10: July 27: Closing ceremony and farewell lunch. The trip will finish in
Oaxaca city.

Holos team understands that the traveler is aware and accepts that in this type of travel can occur circumstances involving changes in itineraries, schedules and activities anytime and anywhere outside Holos responsibilities and assumes the risks and adverse circumstances inherent in the fact of traveling including accidents, illness, and death itself, to exempting Holos and his personal liability.


Price: 1.850 €. Single supplement not included


By strict order of reservation. Limited places max 20 persons.
50% when inscription.


Accomodations throughout the journey (Hotels, Rancho, Cabins, Guest House) in double room. Full board during all the trip except in Oaxaca city that will be half board. Transfers local busses.


Roundtrip fly from Europe or America to Mexico. Alcoholic drinks, personal expenses and any other service not indicated. Pilgrimage to the site of Monte Alban and to the town of Santa María del Tule where is one of the oldest trees in the entire American continent.(Optional)


In case of cancellation by the customer charged with the following charges.
If you cancel four months before departure 50%
If you cancel one month before 100%

We recommend hiring an insurance policy to cover the cost of cancellation.


The local currency is the Mexican Peso. No problem to change Euros and Dollars, it is important that the notes are in good condition.
At the entrance of the country you must make a declaration form. You need to add Hotel Mocambo address: Bv. Adolfo Ruíz Cortines 4000, Mocambo, 94298 Boca del Río, Ver. Tel. : +52 229 922 0200