Retreat with Holotropic Breathing Rituals with Shamans Constellations and Meditations

Ingo Jahrsetz, Magda Solé, Jaume Mestres,

Guest Professor:

Claude AnShin Thomas

Start date

08/08/2022 – 08/18/2022

Place: Lake Baikal, Buryatia, Siberia. Russia

There is only one humanity but there are many mountains that divide us. Can we be with ourselves, with others and with the world.

An intense and deep exploration to overcome and dissolve the divisions and separations that prevent us from being the One. After the workshop we will start a journey in the Republic of Buryatia.

This unique personal growth event will incorporate shamanic rituals, Transpersonal Breathing (Holotropic), systemic constellation, integration and stillness.

We are all human with the same basic needs. We are all one; But there are mountains that separate us from each other. Each of us needs a place we call home, we need fresh air to breathe, clean water and healthy food. Our boys and girls all need a good education. We need other beings with whom we can relate honestly and authentically, that give us space for our individual truths, for our likes and dislikes. We all need security and non-violence. We need intimacy, and a place for our creative expression.

We need the recognition and respect of others. It is the food of the soul; Our body and soul will starve if there is not enough.



Information: Jaume Mestres 667 366 866

Baikal trip

Departure date

August 18-25, 2022



General tour

This seminar trip is designed for those interested in discovering the culture, people and lifestyle of Buryatia and shamanism who with a spirit of adventure are equally tempted by the encounter of authentic shamanic work and by the possibility of experiences of internal exploration that place us in our relationship with nature and our origins.

Siberia, in this part of Lake Baikal, is steeped in shamanic culture. On the northwestern slope of Baikal, shamanism was reunited with the Christian Orthodox religion, while on the southeast side, it was influenced by Buddhism.


Along the slopes of the picturesque Barguzín valley and those that surround Lake Baikal, you reach lost villages in the Siberian taiga, and a wise local lifestyle. We will visit the nature reserve and we will know Barguzín, and quiet corners in the exuberant nature, where nothing seems to interrupt the course of the tranquility of its inhabitants.

We will have the opportunity to meet and work with various shamans, in different approaches.


A trip to the place where Shamanism was born, a spiritual tradition and a means of healing.

From August 19 to 26, 2021 


Thursday 19

Friday 20

Saturday 21

Sunday 22

Monday 23

Tuesday 24

Wednesday  25

Thursday 26


Gremyachinsk – Ust-Barguzin

Ust-Barguzin – Kurumkan



Kurumkan – Ulan-Ude





Guest House

Hotel Lickchin

Hotel Lickchin

Hotel Lickchin

Baikal Plaza Hotel / Buryatia Hotel

Baikal Plaza Hotel / Buryatia Hotel

Baikal Plaza Hotel / Buryatia Hotel


Journey through Lake Baikal 2021


Day 1: Gremyachinsk – Ust-Barguzin
Departure from Hotel Riviera Baikal in the afternoon arrival at night in Ust-Barguzin. Dinner and accommodation.

Day 2: Ust-Barguzin – Kurumkan

Breakfast and excursion to the north, to the Barguzin Valley, a Natural Reserve located between the Barguzin mountains. We will cross Ust-Barguzin and we will go through the small town of Barguzin, the first place that the Russians lived beyond the Baikal. We will visit the shamans of the fire (a dynasty of the blacksmith shamans). Lunch. In the afternoon we will visit a Buddhist Datsan (Monastery) and the Temple of the Goddess Yentzema in the heart of a magical forest, with trees decorated with multicolored ribbons that we find throughout Siberia connected with the shamanic and Buddhist traditions. Dinner and overnight at a small hotel in Kurumkan.

Day 3: Kurumkan

After breakfast departure to the north to the Barguzin reserve and the village of Xamanka. It is a beautiful region crossed by 14 rivers whose clear and fast waters form powerful waterfalls. Its numerous mountain lakes and glaciers make this region a charming place. Cave paintings of more than 3000 years, a stone garden of more than ten square kilometers, we will do a meditation on our stone. Encounter with a shaman with whom we will perform a ritual in the sacred ox. We will climb the rocky mountains in Suvo. Lunch at Nina’s house. Salt lake with wild horses back.

Day 4: Kurumkan

Breakfast and we will be all day with rituals with a Chaman in nature, picnic lunch, dinner and accommodation at the hotel.

Day 5: Kurumkan – Ulan-Ude

Exit of Kurumkan bus we will cross the taiga and we will border the coast of the lake Baikal in a forest track and highway. We will see the sacred stone in the shape of a turtle of the shamans. We will eat in Turka. Our friends Evgeny and Larisa will receive us in Ulan Ude to drive us to the Hotel.

Day 6: Ulan-Ude

Ulan – Ude, the capital is a fascinating city rich heiress of a spiritual miscegenation between shamanism and Buddhism, is located east of Lake Baikal in a valley where the rivers Selenga and Ouda converge between the mountain chains of Tsagan-Daban.

Breakfast and departure to visit Ivolguinsky Datsan near the city. In the afternoon we will visit the Tengery Shamanism Center. The landscape of the steppe is magnificent and the energetic strength of the place very large. Shamanic techniques session. Dinner and night at the hotel.

Day 7: Ulan – Ude

In the morning we will visit the open-air ethnographic museum of Ulan-Ude. Located in the middle of a pine forest in the picturesque Berezovka valley, this museum is considered one of the most beautiful outdoor museums in Russia. We will find, restored the old traditional houses from prehistoric times to the wooden houses of the early twentieth century. Lunch. In the afternoon we will make a walking tour in the city. We will discover its historic center, the Soviets Square and the giant head of Lenin.

Day 8: Ulan – Ude

Transfer to the airport


This program is indicative and may be subject to modifications.



This travel seminar is intended for people who are willing to live deep inner experiences and are open to shamanic learning.


Price per person: 740 €

* International flights are not included in the price.

* If you want a single room there is a suplement.


Accommodation in double rooms. In a case one night we stay in a guest house to share with the family. All the activities planned in the program.

Full board including all meals.

Bus transfers included.

They are not included

The international flights.

Entry visa to Russia. (€ 120 per person).

Individual sessions are optional with the shamans.

The alcoholic drinks.

The tips.

Assistance and repatriation insurance in case of accident.

The cancellation insurance is optional.

All the guides

Entrance to the museums.

Suggested insurance

Holos Travel offers you a special insurance in case you had to cancel the trip

Seminar from August 09-19,2021.

Price: 2220 EUR all inclusive (except flights to and from Ulan Ude)
Information / registration: tel. + 49- (0) 761-475846,

Baikal Trip


· Accommodation in a double room in hotels and family homes.
· All activities planned in the program (activities, shamanic rituals, etc.)
· All the foods
· Transfers and national trips


· International flights
· Entry visa to Russia (€ 120 per person)
· Optional individual sessions with shamans
· Alcoholic drinks
· Tips
· Repatriation / accident insurance / assistance
· Optional cancellation insurance

· Guides for visits.
· Tickets to visit museums.


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