February 16th to March 3rd 2021

This seminar is organized by the organization “Holos Etnotherapeutic Journeys and Retreats” located in Barcelona with an antenna in Mexico and proposed and concocted by the Estonian and Catalan schools of Transpersonal Psychology.

February 16th to March 3rd 2021

Program: The travelling exploration

VERACRUZ  (2 nights)

We will welcome you at the airport of Veracruz whatever your arrival time (Veracruz has only one airport),

The first day will be devoted to recovery, acclimatization, hospitality and discovery of the surroundings and the group.


Festive welcome ritual – to open the process, a ritual of «limpia» (cleansing) and experiences of inner exploration will be carried out. Experience-discovery of pre-Columbian shamanism to enter the Mexican cosmogony.

Walk to Veracruz, beaches, typical markets and evening out to «Los Portales» the city’s vital heart, to the colonial architecture and atmosphere, with many cafes, marimbas (a kind of orchestra) orchestras, street vendors selling the most unimaginable items. In fact, it is a place where every night a permanent party atmosphere reigns.


Several shamanic experiences will be proposed in their land and in the context.



A beach located at the mouth of a river that flows into the sea. Lunch in a traditional grilled fish restaurant on the beach. Ritual of limpia of «las tres aguas» (the sea, the river and the spring or the source).

Rancho de Los Amigos in La Barra

It can only be reached by boat crossing a lagoon for 15 to 20 minutes. A very simple but magical place, nestled in the heart of the hills and the forest. We will stay there 2 nights and we will have a shamanic ritual and meditation in this rustling nature and free time for sharing, resting, exploring the hills and baths in the lagoon.


NANCIYAGA (2 nights)

On the shores of Catemaco Lake, a magnificent site of a huge lake in the middle of hills with tropical vegetation and stay in Nanciyaga in huts on stilts at the lake. We will live there a ceremony of Temazcal (Mexican equivalent of the sweat-lodge). It is an ancient rite of purifying the body, mind and spirit of the pre-Hispanic tradition common to most Native American peoples. This ritual takes place in a closed space where we are plunged – in total darkness – into a steam bath and aromatic herbs, all accompanied by songs and prayers of healing and veneration for the Mother Earth.

With times of sharing and integration of all these experiences.

We will spend 2 nights in Nanciyaga. The second day, we will visit the city of Catemaco, a city with a certain charm but also a sacred place where shamans from all over America meet sometimes. In the Basilica of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, it is traditional to make limpias and healing rituals with flowers and holy basil. We will have lunch on the spot and we will walk around the lake before returning in the evening to Nanciyaga.



During our trek to the sierra (mountain range), we will cross and have lunch in Tlacotalpan (15000 inhabitants), very colourful village inscribed on the World Heritage List. Then in the sierra, we will visit a shaman, who will introduce us to limpias and traditional healing ceremonies from the Mazatec tradition.

Meeting with a healer-shaman very venerated by the natives of all Mexico. He will share his exceptional gift in individual healing rituals (optional).

It’s a plunge into the simple and more than rustic life of the Mazatec Indians. But it is a real encounter with pre-Hispanic traditions still very alive and preserved in this region.

Then descending from the sierra, we will see sumptuous landscapes, adorned with colours that make the mountain a real impressionist painting. And we will cross a forest of giant cactus quite rare.


IXTLAN (2 nights)

Stay in Ixtlan, the city of Carlos Castaneda.



Stay in Oaxaca, rich city of a cultural and religious past very present.

The stay in Oaxaca is a time of pause and return to the «civilization» after the stay in the Mazatec Indians in very rustic conditions, in a place inspired, alive and enchanting. And this is also where we will want to shop because the Mexican crafts are very tempting and not expensive at all for us Europeans.

Visit of the archaeological site of Monte Alban, outside the city, with so many more beautiful churches than the others, the multiple small palaces, the artisanal markets, art and craft galleries, the museums including the archaeological museum and the cactus garden … An absolutely beautiful city where you can easily walk (a lot of pedestrian streets).


NB! The program may change depending on the circumstances!


Send your registration form to Jaume Mestres.

A first payment of 1000 will be made by bank transfer to Holos Travel.  We will give you the account number. The payment date is the registration date.

The second payment of 1000 will be paid before August 31st, 2020.

The remaining 450 to be paid before November 30th, 2020.


If you desist between July 31st and October 31st, 2020, you will be retained 1000, if you desist between November1st and December 31st , 2020, you will be retained 1600.

After this date, the full amount will be due.

These payment methods will be re-specified when you register.

Cost of the seminar / trip: 2,450

This price includes:

Accommodation and food (except Oaxaca city), from the evening of February Tuesday 16th till morning breakfast March Wednesday 3rd 2021.

All the activities planned as part of the internship,

The trip to Sierra Mazateca and Oaxaca,

The different experiences and meetings planned,

Roundtrip transfer from Veracruz airport to the hotel and from Oaxaca hotel to the airport.

It does not include travel from Estonia to Mexico, and optional individual shamanic consultation, the amount of which is left to the will of everyone.